Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tasty Thursdays

With the days getting warmer I like to do very easy cooking, so as to not heat up the house, so for today's Tasty Thursday here's one of summer favorites, Taco Salad
  1. 1 lb. ground beef or as we use, ground turkey
  2. 1 can of kidney beans, drained (or any kind of bean you like)
  3. 1 cup of shredded cheese, we use Cheddar
  4. 1 can of pitted olives, sliced
  5. 1 bag of corn chips or any favorite chip you like, we use Doritos
  6. Any salad dressing you like, we use Catalina french dressing
  7. 1 head of lettuce, cut up into bite size pieces
  8. Brown meat, put into a LARGE bowl, add lettuce, beans, cheese, olives, break up chips into bite sized pieces and mix in well, put into bowls and add dressing. This is such a good salad, we eat it alot during the summer and I hope you will enjoy it too. P.S. I forgot the tomatoes, if you like them.

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