Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Every child is a blessing from the Lord and I was so blessed almost 17 years ago with a small baby boy, he was 2 months premature, weighing only 4lbs. and I have been raising him on my own for 14 years. Yes in those 14 years we have had many hard times, but I wouldn't change a thing, except to be blessed with a God sent Christian man to share our lives with, and I am still praying that the Lord will provide that Christian man, all in His timing. Being a single mom has got to be one of the hardest jobs in America. Before my son was born, I got toxemia and it was very bad, both he and I almost lost our lives, but thank the Lord we both survived, but the affects from the toxemia have messed up my body and I'm now on disability, Ive been hospitalized many times, my doctor said that it recked my immune system,it was that severe. I am thankful for all the Lord provides for my son and I everyday.  For me being a Christian mom is such a blessing, even though my son doesn't have a earthly father who cares for him, he does have a Heavenly Father who loves him more than I ever could. Yes there are days that being a mom is hard, but I know with the Lords help my son and I will be fine. I hope all of you moms out there have a very Happy Mothers Day. Blessings to you all.

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