Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Monday Meal

Hoagie Sandwiches
  1. 1- 6 or 8 package of buns, we use hot dog buns
  2. any kind of lunch meats you like, we use ham, turkey, bologna, pepperoni
  3. any kind of cheese you like, we use provolone, swiss, cheddar
  4. lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, mayo,mustard
  5. What I do is, for ever how many sandwiches you re making, I cut sheets of foil and lay them on the counter, place a open bun on each sheet, place as much meat on each sandwich as you like, then the cheese and another layer of meat, so the cheese doesn't stick to the bun, its easier when there done so you can put on the mayo or whatever dressing you like. Roll up the sandwiches in the foil, and bake at 350 for about 10 Min's. These are one of our families favorite easy dinners:) Serve with chips or potato salad or whatever you like, Enjoy:)

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