Thursday, February 10, 2011

Worry Free Wednesdays

Well yes it would be nice if we all did have Worry Free Wednesdays, or worry free any days, but we don't, but one thing we do have if we are Christians is to give all our worries over to the Lord, and as humans it is very hard no to try and hang on to all of our worries and problems, but that's not what the Lord wants. He wants to give us peace and rest and to let us know that He is in control. And as a single mom I am trying so hard to allow Him all of my worries, am I being the best Christian mom I can be? Am I using His money to the best of my ability and to His will, of what He wants for my son and my lives? And now my biggest worry is we don't have a car, and yes, I am stressed and I am praying and giving my worries and stress to Him, knowing He will provide. So if we, as single moms, work together to give each other support and ideas on how to make our lives Worry Free, we can live better lives for us and our children. May God Bless you all from day to day.

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