Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time Saving Tip

Now that my son is in high school, Ive been running him around alot, to basketball games, practice for baseball, and back and forth to his friends house, so I need to find ways to save time in getting our house cleaned and laundry done, and what Ive been doing lately is deep cleaning 1 room at a time, for example, when I clean the kitchen, I do the dishes, we don't have a dish washer, and I move all the canisters and everything off the counters and wash everything down, I clean out the fridge and sweep and mop, so that room gets all done at once, and then the next day I can get to another room. And with our laundry, since I only have 1 child, I do our laundry on Sundays after church and lunch. Be Blessed and have a great weekend.

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