Sunday, January 16, 2011

Money Saving tip #1

Being the oldest of 7, I have great memories of going to the thrift store. I loved going to the thrift store and I still do to this day, and  Ive even worked  for 3 of them:). And yes, of coarse you cant buy everything at the thrift store, but almost everything:). Its a BIG way for my son and I to save money, we have bought furniture, clothes, and many of the clothes we have found have been new, with the tags still on them. We've bought household items, games, kitchen items, such as Pampered Chef, I just enjoy knowing that I am a smart shopper and I am saving money, each time we go. My son loves going to the thrift stores also, it has taught him to be mindful of how he spends his money too:)

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