Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Today on Mothers Day, I wanted to write about my experience as a single mom. Yes, being a single mom is very hard, but I am very blessed because the Lord allowed me to have a child, there are so many women out there that would do anything to have a baby, including two of my sisters that haven't been able to become pregnant. But then again there are women out there that shouldn't have had a chance to become mothers because they have abused their children or killed their children, which to me is so heart breaking, how could you hurt a baby or child, I will NEVER understand. My son was two months premature, he weighed only 4 lbs.he was in intensive care for a month and came home on oxygen, he was so tiny for about the first year of his life, he walked when he was one year old and his first words were DA DA, and boy was I mad, I wanted him to say MA MA. LOL His father has not seen him since he was three yrs old, It makes me mad but, its his loss, I have had the privilege to be able to see him grow into the young man he is today and oh yeah hes 160lbs. and 5"6' today, so I guess Ive done a good job, even as a single mom, Thank you Lord for my son.

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