Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Simple Things In Life

For me as a Christian and a single mom, I try to live as simply as I can, just enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. Some of my favorite things in life are, my son being a goof ball, singing, running, playing, teasing me and his friends, I guess just being a boy. I love watching and listening to the birds, looking at the mountains and the trees and flowers. I love, love, love sunsets, it just amazes me the beauty that we are given every day by the Lord. I have never been materialistic at all, money is nice but why do we need so much?? In today's world everyone wants the newest and greatest of everything, but thank the Lord , I don't, I use what I have and I'm satisfied, I always said if I were to win a lottery, I would be helping alot of people and as the saying goes "You cant take it with you". I am very thankful for all we do have, because there are so many people out in this world who have so little. Sorry I haven't posted alot lately my son was hurt in Little League last Friday, he was hit in the left eye with a ball, so we spent 5 hours in the emergency room, and he stayed home from school on Monday too because of the pain. Have a great week and be Blessed.

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